ISI Jobs in Pakistan 2022, Job Description, Qualifications And Salary

There are several ways to get an ISI Jobs in Pakistan. The process of applying for ISI jobs is similar to FSC jobs. Graduates and master degree holders also have the option to apply for ISI jobs.

ISI Jobs in Pakistan

However, there are few vacancies available for these jobs. In this way, it is essential to be good to go..

Job Description

ISI Jobs in Pakistan has a long list of job openings for aspiring applicants. There are various positions available for men and women, and there are also jobs for transgender people.

Interested applicants can register themselves and fill the application forms online. Once the application form is submitted, a recruiter will contact them for an interview.

After the interview, the recruiter will contact them for a job offer. There are several benefits to working for ISI.

The ISI is responsible for domestic and foreign intelligence and counter-intelligence. This includes diplomatic and foreign relations intelligence.

In addition, ISI is involved in military operations. The role of the agency has evolved over time. It was created by the government of the day, which determined its priorities and direction.

The professional culture of the intelligence agencies in Pakistan is influenced by government directives.

Applicants may apply for jobs with ISI directly, or indirectly, through the armed forces. The Inter Services Intelligence is open to all members of the armed forces, including civilians.

Qualifications Required to ISI Jobs in Pakistan

The qualifications for ISI Jobs in Pakistan are quite diverse. For example, a civilian who holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics or computer science can join the ISI.

Likewise, a military person can apply for the job after undergoing an intelligence test. Then, after passing the test, he or she can be assigned to an inter-service intelligence training academy.

After completing the training academy, a successful candidate can be promoted to a permanent post in the ISI.

ISI recruitment is competitive, but the benefits are worth the effort. The training program is free, and you can work in a comfortable, calm environment with competent colleagues.

You can also choose to join the ISI after completing your bachelor’s degree or master’s degree. The benefits of working for ISI are many.

ISI recruitment is open to both male and female candidates. Many open positions have been announced for both genders. The organization is looking for talented and highly educated individuals from across the country.

Salary Package

If you’re looking for a government job in Pakistan, you should check out ISI jobs. These positions are open for both civilians and military personnel.

Civilians must apply through the Federal Public Service Commission and undergo tests and interviews.

Military personnel, on the other hand, must pass intelligence tests in order to become part of the organization. However, civilians can also join ISI jobs if they have the necessary credentials and experience.

ISI Pakistan jobs are highly regarded by the government and offer good salary packages. However, getting a posting is not an easy task.

This department is one of the most competitive in Pakistan. However, once hired, the job is well-secured and has excellent pension and retirement benefits.

ISI Pakistan offers several allowances and benefits to its employees. These include ad hoc and house rent benefits, as well as a fuel allowance.

Vacancies Available

ISI Pakistan offers various vacancies for different positions. There are jobs for males and females as well as for transgender individuals.

To apply for an ISI job, visit the official website and submit an application form. The shortlisted competitors will be reached for interviews.

The procedure for applying for a job at ISI Pakistan is the same as that for applying for a FSC job.

ISI Pakistan has many benefits for its employees. All ISI jobs are open to Pakistani nationals. You must have a primary qualification. A metric test is mandatory.

The last date for applying for an ISI job is NOV 2022. Applicants with disabilities can apply for fee exemptions under certain conditions.

ISI Pakistan offers a number of jobs to both military and civilian people. The Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) advertises vacancies and conducts tests to select the best applicants.

Civilians can apply for civilian jobs, but military people must first go through a strict process of intelligence tests. Only those who have completed this process can work for ISI Pakistan.

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